Jobsian influence

Walter Isaacson: Steve Jobs

I read the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson. I feel more Jobs-like, not in skill but in attitude. More direct, less willing to tolerate bad ideas. I am worried it affects my coaching.

Coach should have no agenda, I hear. Coach should inspire by asking questions not by giving answers. But this is hard when I have an urge to say “that is an incredibly shitty idea”.

Perhaps I am still inside the reality distortion field, but I feel this is the right direction. Having no agenda and inspiring by asking are only tools. We are here to create something beautiful. I am here to help you do that using whatever tools of influence I have.

If a coach is indeed someone who asks questions and doesn’t give answers, then perhaps I am not a coach every day. Sometimes I am just a guy who tells you what he really thinks.

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