Busy tone

I like Kindle’s lack of features. I read a book and after I have finished one, I order another from the Kindle Store.

Not so with iPad. Every moment I use it I am aware of the possibilities: I can check my email and answer them. I can browse the web. I can play games. I can read books. I can check Facebook. I can check Twitter. I can browse pictures.

I descent into opportunistic curiosity hedonism. Behind every link is new information. Every moment is a moment of choice: what shall I do next? Even when I start to get bored, the hardest decision is to put the iPad down.

This morning I woke up earlier than usually and surfed the web with my iPad. Now my head is spinning and it is hard to concentrate on anything. I tried to write a blog post on a different subject but I just couldn’t organize the thoughts in my head. Part of my brain is still giving busy tone.

I’ve often wondered what causes my behavior. Perhaps I learned in my childhood, when information was scarce and I immersed myself into books, that all information is valuable. My first web experiences were immensely rewarding (and no, I don’t mean porn this time). Perhaps the kids of today have intuitively learned to devalue raw information, and don’t suffer from this problem. I hope.

2 thoughts on “Busy tone

  1. eugene says:

    I like the idea of describing Kindle as “lack of features”, with a browser, music player and a notebook :)

    • Antti Tarvainen says:


      I actually forgot that it has a music player. Perhaps the lack of features is really lack of distractions in the user interface. You only really want to open the Kindle browser as the last resort – it is buried so deep, and is such a pain to use.

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