Let’s change hankintalaki

I’ve heard from many mouths that hankintalaki (the Finnish law governing publicly funded purchases) prevents effective software development for the Finnish public sector. The parliament is going to make changes to the law this autumn. Now would be a good time to tell our representatives what we think.

To start with, I would like to understand the exact problems with the law. How does it inhibit success of software projects? How should the law be changed?

Also welcome are any ideas about how to express our concerns effectively to lawmakers. I am trying to get the parliaments’s tietoyhteiskuntaryhmä (Information Society Group) hear one of us, but as far as I know, nothing else has been planned so far.

I also sent this question to the Agile Finland mailing list. Please let me know if you write about this on your blog. I’ll summarize the answers in a later post.

2 thoughts on “Let’s change hankintalaki

  1. Otso says:

    Here’s a few blog postings related to the subject (all in finnish).

    In my own blog:


    If you’ve come to some more detailed conclusions regarding the issues with the law on public aquisition (my own translation, may be wrong), it would be interesting to hear.

    • Antti Tarvainen says:

      Kiitos linkeistä! Olemme kaikki olleet hyvin kiireisiä viime aikoina, mutta toivottavasti ehdimme panostaa tähän julkisten ohjelmistohankintojen asiaan taas piakkoin.

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