Go computers, go!

The MoGo team is optimistic:

“The current result forecasts that before 2020 a computer program will defeat the best human Go player on a 19×19 Go board in a regular match under normal tournament conditions. This is remarkable, since around 2000 it was generally believed that the game of Go was safe to any attack by a computer program. The 9-stones handicap victory casts severe doubts on this belief.”


(game record) (game record)
USGC, August 1998 USGC, August 2008
Black: Many Faces of Go,
computer program
Black: MoGo Titan,
computer program
White: Martin Müller,
6-dan amateur
White: Kim Myung-Wan,
8-dan professional
Handicap: 29 stones Handicap: 9 stones
Result: White wins Result: Black wins

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