Three announcements:

  1. The yet-to-be-officially-named Tampere Ruby User Group will meet for the second time this Thursday. The location is the office of Adalia at Hämeenkatu 3. For more information see the wiki page and the mailing list. (Unfortunately all the information is in Finnish. Mail me if you need a translation.) Newcomers are welcome!
  2. I am planning to organize a coding dojo in Tampere in January. Technology will be either Java/jUnit or Ruby/RSpec. I’ll post other details later. Leave a message if you are interested.
  3. The Spring 2008 OHJ-5100 at TUT is projected to have an optional Ruby on Rails course project. Petri Sirkkala lectures the course; I will tutor the Rails sessions. The Rails part will last three weeks, from 7th of April to 25th of April. It will be of intensive variety, requiring attendance from 9 to 17 each weekday. We will learn agile methods along with the web development skills. I have based the course project loosely on a one taught by Carsten Bormann at the University of Bremen.

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